Ashvasan Foundation

Reaching out to the aged and the lonely

Ashvasan, a voluntary service organization, was started in 1993 to reach out to the senior citizens, the aged and the lonely. We have realized that changes in our value system, disintegration of the joint family system into nuclear families, inflation and high cost of living have put tremendous pressure on senior citizens making them feel insecure, uncared for and inadequate both at home and outside. Whether the person is staying in a family environment or staying alone or in a 'Home for the Aged', the key word to this problem is loneliness. And attitude to life is the key to better living.

Ashvasan has sought to address itself to this problem. Volunteers of Ashvasan contribute care and concern and spare time to share it with the lonely without expectations of any kind, to restore a sense of self-esteem, confidence and dignity in them. The warmth given relieves the loneliness of the senior citizens to a considerable extent.

The foundation has grown from strength to strength over the years since its inception, touching the lives of hundreds and thousands of senior citizens in the city. Be it by providing them with leisure activities, companionship, seminars, food, clothing or medical assistance, Ashvasan has been striving to restore a sense of purpose in the life of its senior members. Over the years Ashvasan has touched the lives of hundreds of senior citizens in Bangalore. Ashvasan currently has a member strength of over 500 across all its recreation centres. Please read further in this website about the work being developed presently by this wing of 'The Lalita Shivaram Ubhayaker Foundation for the Artss'.