Founder's Message


Late Ms. Lalita Shivaram Ubhayaker - Founder, Ashvasan Foundation

Dear Friend,

In our culture, the elderly have always been looked at with respect and love. Most of us have had some experience of taking care of the elderly in our family. Many of us grew up loving and being loved by our grandparents.

In today's world of working couples and demanding school curricula where time is a precious commodity, senior citizens find themselves rich with time that they have no one else to share with.

Old age is the time when new vistas are open to us. It is an opportunity to share the wealth of experience and knowledge we have gathered in our lifetime. Our culture tells us that it is that phase of our lives when we need to introspect, internalize and unlock spaces for deeper communion.

We at Ashvasan believe that elderly people have a lot that they can give to society. Much more than society can give to them. It is our endeavour to restore the sense of purpose in the lives of senior citizens, to make them feel wanted and cared for in the last lap of their lives.

It is left to people like you and us to help them get back their self-worth and dignity. Come join us in our battle against age and loneliness.