What we do

Recreation Centres

Ashvasan has 6 recreation centres at the following locations in Bangalore

  1. Vasanth Nagar
  2. Sampangiram Nagar
  3. Koramangala
  4. Indira Nagar
  5. Malleswaram
  6. Jalavayu Vihar
Members of Ashvasan with close proximity to a centre meet once a month and partake in programmes that deal with issues like health, yoga, safety & security, financial investments, travelogues and topical subjects like current affairs, entertainment in music, dance & humour. Birthdays and anniversaries of members are celebrated.

A brief list of the programmes that have been organised in the past at the recreation centres follows:

  • Talk on Forgiveness By Dr. Usha Vasthre
  • A Shadow Play by Pralad Aacharya
  • Picnic to Dhoatexi Vana
  • Organizing Games for seniors citizens
  • A talk on talks on Mahabharata - Relevance to modern time
  • A talk on Floweral Therapy and Mudras by Mrs. Bharathi
  • A talk on Aroma Therapy
  • Mind Training Workshop on Automatic Negative Thoughts (A.N.Ts.)
  • A workshop on Healthy Living
  • Neuro scalp - 'Your relationship for the better you' by Dr. Usha Vasthre
  • A talk on New Consciousness by Ms. Spoorti
  • Glaucoma screening programme
  • A talk by Smt. Shanta Yagnik - Introduction to Buddhism and benefits to humanity
  • A speech on SPINE CARE by Dr. Sitaraman Surenderasan
  • A talk by Dr Sana - On how to feel the bliss with in you
  • A Talk on organ transplant and organ donation by the doctors of Ramaiah Hospital
  • Christmas celebration for seniors and their grand children
  • Presentation on geriatric problems for the elderly by Dr Arvind Kasturi
  • Devotional Songs by Kashi Mutt Mahila Bhajan group, Malleswaram
  • Managing physical mental and emotional conflicts in retired life By Dr. M V Sridhar, Ph.D.
  • Teachings from Bhagavat Gita their relevance during our times by Smt. N Mangala Kumari
  • TRYST WITH CYCLE - by Teal Cycle Tindi Medical Programme - An Orthopedic Problem for the elderly
  • Joint pain - Effects of Physiotherapy - By Dr. Pritam Mohan Shenoy
  • A cooking demonstration by Bela Patel & Kunjan Patel

Poor Feeding

Since 2008, Ashvasan, in association with Titan Industries, runs a poor feeding programme across 5 slums of Bangalore. Elderly dwellers of the following slums are provided with free & nutritious lunch for 6 days a week.

  1. MRS Palya
  2. Gandhi Gram
  3. Ashraya Ashram
  4. Vyalikaval
  5. Srirampura
Through this programme, a total of 170 elderly slum dwellers are fed each day. The age of the beneficiaries are between 50 & 80 years. While a corporate establishment provides the food, Ashvasan provides the logistics by distributing the food across all the slums. Ashvasan's poor feeding vehicle covers an average distance of 40 kilometres every day. Additionally, Ashvasan also provides financial aid to Ashraya Seva Trust, Rajajinagar - a home for elderly women. Ashvasan provides the aid for the procurement of 18 litres of milk per day in addition to sponsoring the salary of a caretaker.

Medical Camps

In addition to the feeding program in slums, Ashvasan also organises free medical camps for the elderly dwellers of the slums at MRS Palya, Gandhi Gram and Vyalikaval. The medical camps are held on a monthly basis where an average of 15 - 20 patients are treated by a general physician to address common ailments.

Ashvasan also provides free medicines to the patients as per the prescription of the doctor.

Medical Aid/Relief

Ashvasan recognises the need of the elderly to remain fit and healthy in their twilight years. In an effort to help the elderly who are in need of monetary help to fight a disease, Ashvasan provides medical aid of up to Rs. 10,000 to such patients. The programme started in 2007, helps up to 3 senior citizens every year with such financial aid.

In addition to the above, Ashvasan also provides financial aid for the purchase of medicines for the inmates of Jnanasharam, Bannerghatta

World Elder's Day Event

The International Day of Older Persons, established by the United Nations General Assembly, is observed on October 1 each year. Since 1993, Ashvasan has joined the world in recognising this day by organising an eventful day to entertain, educate and honour senior citizens.

During the event, Ashvasan recognises and awards senior citizens who have excelled and served the community in six different categories - Art, Crafts, Music, Theatre, Dance and Sports. Ashvasan believes that recognition is due to these people who have filled our lives with colour and meaning. An amount of up to ? 15,000 is awarded to such deserving seniors along with a citation.

Senior members of Ashvasan who have crossed the age of 80 years are also honoured during the event. The event also provides an opportunity to members of Ashvasan to participate in skits, music, games and other entertainment programmes making it an enjoyable day for all attendees. An average of 200 people attend the event every year.

Annual Seminar

Ashvasan organises an annual seminar in the month of July, where leading personalities and subject matter experts deliver lectures on a variety of topics of relevance such as safety & security, health, finance & money markets, religion, philosophy and spiritual wellness. The half-day event is attended by members of Ashvasan as well as the general public.

A list of talks that were delivered in the past seminars follows:

  • "Living a Pain free Life" - A talk by Dr. Sharan Shivaraj Patil - Chairman & Chief Orthopedic Surgeon, SPARSH Group of Hospitals.
  • "Prayerfulness" - A Talk by Swamini Svatmabodhananda Saraswati.
  • "Gastric Enteritis Problem of the elderly" - by Dr. Dheeraj Karanth, MD Consultant - Gastro Enteritis, Manipal Hospital, Malleswaram.
  • "Health and happiness through Spiritual ways" - by Dr. K. P. Puthuraya, Prof Emeritus - International Medical College.
  • "Kidney Problems of the Elderly"- by Dr. G K Prakash.
  • Unit Medical Head - Manipal North side Hospital, Malleswaram, Bangalore.
  • "Fighting Corruption - The Way Forward"- by Dr Samuel Paul, Founder Director Public Affairs Centre, Bangalore.
  • "Spiritual Well Being - The Power of Devotion"- By Shri. Rishi Kewalramani, Founder & Managing Trustee, Vedanta Wisdom Institute, Bangalore.
  • "Service dimension of State Bank of India" - by Shri Ashwini Mehra, Chief General Manager, State Bank of India.
  • "Importance of writing a will" by Ms. Aarti Mundkur - Legal Consultant.
  • "From Ageing to Growing" by Dr. Thimappa Hegde - Director Narayana Institute of Neurosciences.
  • "Health - Urological Problems of the Elderly" by Dr. Manipal Hospital.
  • "Safety & Security for Senior Citizens" by Shri. Ajai Kumar Singh (Former DIG Police).
  • "In pursuit of Peace and Happiness" by Talk by Dr. Yejezuddin, Retd. Professor and former MLC.
  • "Health - Hearing Problems of the Elderly" by Mr. R. Ananthan, M.Sc. Audiology General Manager, Phonak India Pvt. Ltd., Bangalore.
  • "Security - Launch of 'Ashvasan Suraksha'" - Presentation & Demonstration.
  • "Spiritual Well Being - A Journey towards a Fuller Life" talk by Soulbath Peace Foundation, Sahheal Learning Studios, India.
  • "Prevention and Treatment of Stroke" by Dr.Vikram V. Kamath, M.B.B.S., D.M (neurology)(NIMHANS), Consultant Neurologist, Apollo Hospitals-Bangalore.
  • "Wealth Management for Seniors in Uncertain times" by Mr. Rattan Deep, General Manager - Wealth, Right Horizon Financial Services Pvt. Ltd. Bangalore.
  • "Spiritual Well Being - True Friends in Old Age" by Dr. Thimappa Hegde, Director & Senior Consultant of Neruo-surgery, Narayana Hrudayalaya.
  • "Geriatrics" - by Dr. Nagesh Kavi, Consultant, Dept. of Geriatrics, Manipal Hospital.
  • Safety & Security by Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Director General of Police, C.O.D. Training Special Unit and Economic Offences.
  • "Spiritual Well Being" by Sri. Ram Menon, School of Ancient Wisdom, Devanahalli.
  • "Nephrological Problems of the Elderly" by Dr. C. Arvind, Consultant Nephrologist.
  • "Reverse Mortgage - Senior Citizens don/t have to worry any more" by Mr. Shivkumar Mani, Marketing Head, Dewan Housing Finance Coporation Ltd. Mumbai.
  • "Spiritual Well Being starts with the mind" by Shri. Mumtaz Ali.
  • "Non-Invasive Cardiac Care and Treatment" by Dr. G.N. Shirbur Enhanced Health Care, Bangalore.
  • "Financial Security for the Elderly" by Sri. V. Vasanthkumar Assistant Vice President, Geojit Financial Services Ltd., Bangalore.
  • "Insights into Spirituality & Ageing" by Shri. Mathur Krishnamurthi, Executive Director, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore.

Garage Sale

In order to raise funds for its various activities, Ashvasan conducts an annual Garage Sale event in the month of January. For about a month prior to the sale event, Ashvasan appeals to members of general public to donate household items that they no longer need. The donations thus received are sorted and priced by members of Ashvasan for the sale.

The benefits of the event is two-fold since it helps Ashvasan raise funds for its programmes and also helps the economically backward citizens to buy household items at a nominal price. The Garage Sale programme was initiated in the year 2005.